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Open Insurance Observatory

 Open Insurance Observatory

Scenario and Purpose of the Observatory

The insurance business is based on the capability to access and analyze data, both from internal and external sources. Effective business decision making, such as risk selection and pricing, should be data-driven.

Open Insurance is about using data for effective decision making, and exposing insurance services to third parties to build new markets. Those two capabilities are shaping the future of the insurance industry. The insurance champions of the future are the organizations that master those capabilities and build competitive advantages on them. In this context, the Italian Insurtech Association and Accenture have created the Open Insurance Observatory.

The Open Insurance Observatory brings together insurance and reinsurance companies, financial institutions, tech companies, and the players of the Open Insurance ecosystem to monitor, analyze, discuss the applications of open insurance and build know-how to exploit the enormous potential of Open insurance. 

What we do

We analyze and decode
the market
We build and share
An ongoing research of the global applications of Open Insurance, based on over 100 interviews we run on a yearly basis with global open insurance players   We build and share knowledge, based on the observation and analysis of open insurance success stories and pitfalls.

An initiative of Italian Insurtech Association and Accenture


Watch the video of the first webinar of the Open Insurance Observatory

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